Darwis Triadi

This is Om Darwis and me, I really like him as a person and a teacher. He can deliver his understanding about photography to his student in a very relieving way, sometimes charismatic, the other time, is just make us feel like, always want to listen to what he has to say. He's interesting, and he is very-very kind, he'd help you and share his knowledge of photography, in a maximum way. He really want us to be developed in photography. And he also said that, "as a photographer we shouldn't be acting too exclusive, we have to help the other photographers too." guess that's a phenomena in our society, or maybe in the photographer's world. But yeah, you can see, his brotherhood feeling is strong, and he is very close with his mother. He also explained how essential "light" is in photography, how we put the souls in our photos, how we put the souls in our lights, and how we give much feelings to it. He's very deep about that. But what I also like about him is, his zodiac is the same with me, so we have the same kind of way in thinking. This was taken in 16 October 2012, by his assistant in the school, and this was the last day of my class to attend. Being on Om Darwis school, opened perspectives to me, but I already developed my photography ever since I was in Junior High School, and I attended Om Darwis school while in my college year. What I learned from this school is that, the techniques to become better and better, the experience to become richer, but I've got my own photography style before. There were many teachers in the photography school, Om Darwis doesn't teach every class, because there were another photographers too who contributed to teach their own photography aspects. But I only like Om Darwis class and teaching, his warm and friendly personality is way different from the other teachers, and that got me connected to him just soon. One day I came back to him, not a long time ago, in May 2013, just to ask for his opinions about my photos so far. He was very opened and he told me what I needed to know, he said my photos are interesting, and he showed me a little more ways on how to put the lights to give better effects, directly at that time. He was going to teach a class that night, and he said I could just join without paying, so I did, and hey. He's very nice isn't he? :D

Mar 05, 2014
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