Good Journey Atok Papa

It's officially 7 days now that you have passed away. You were born in 1937, passed away in 7 October 2014, 77 years old, and after 7 days in the hospital? How beautiful was the timing. I was by your side for hours believing you will wake up again, but the line in the monitor became straight no pulse. And you didn't breathe nomore. Everybody cried. You were always been the place I talk to, and come to when I needed ways out, almost the only one. You were always been the one who supported me over things I needed. You taught me pretty much everything I know, you are my number two father. We shared secrets that we promised just the two of us know. We always hung out together to watch cinemas in late mid night, and dined together whenever we wanted, just the two of us. Now that you've gone, I feel and I hope that I have made you proud enough as your grandson while you were here. And I pray that you are now happier with grandma out there. Somehow, even if you've passed away, I do not feel like I'm losing you, because I feel that you just move on to a better place, and you will always be in my ♥. I remember that, you always been so kind to me even if I felt somehow in guilt, or when I had bad days in my life and didn't feel good of myself, you never failed to understand me positively and helped me feel better, and nobody did that better than you, or other than you. I angry to myself for ever taking you for granted, but we sure did spend a lot of time together. God Bless you, I love you, and thank you for everything you gave to me. My feelings got mixed up writing this, trying to put the details of our memories to express my feelings but, words fail me. See you when I meet you again Atok Papa.


More than my grandfather, you are like, my onliest true friend.

Oct 01, 2014
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