Eyang Daddy, Prof. Karnen Garna Baratawidjaja

It was quite a night, he was playing the piano. And he didn't play it in a short time, he actually played it for a quite long minutes. I supposed he was in need of a rest that moment, he's above 80 yet still busy as a Professor of allergy, he always still want to learn and create something. These images, I like, because it is very deep to me. The expression of an old man, it's always full of experiences, and this, he may appeared to be tired, but his passion and spirit were always stronger than his body, if you heard of his life's story, it was painful and tough, yet he gained great success as a Professor. He's an admirer of beauty, he likes to paint, likes to arrange flowers, likes to play music, he likes to dance, other than that, he likes to study, always like to. He said to me once "Kalau eyang ada waktu eyang mau belajar, tapi gak bisa, gak ada waktu.". In that words he meant, study as in learning, learning skills like dancing, exploration of creativity, but his disciplinary as an active Professor, still takes his time. But, he doesn't feel bad about it, it's his happiness, he wanted to share the rest of his life for the good of others. He's a very great Professor Dr. Karnen Garna Baratawidjaja, some of my friends came to his clinic in Kebayoran for an allergy medical treatment, and my friends said that, his treatment cured the allergy very soon, sooner than the other doctors they've met. I was rather amazed, Eyang Daddy is the father of my mother.

Mar 05, 2014
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