Mentari Delita Prananda

Like a sunshine, like her name, she shines our environment immediately. She loves to write a lot, she loves Indonesian language a lot, she listens to lots of Indonesian music, watches lots of Indonesian movies, and read lots of Indonesian books. To most people she's attractive, and she also have the passion to meet new people. So it's easy for her to get connected in a new environment as soon as possible. She is our Human Relation and she did terrific works on that. Her communication skill is direct and clear, which again we found very helpful. On the other side too, she's very tough, when she likes something she'll say, and when she don't, she'll say. She's not into a long none-sense, and she knows how to have fun. She also knows and understands how to position herself in many situations and to whom she gets interaction with. She also has great initiatives on moving our mission and vision forward, she doesn't like to wait, she likes to make it happen immediately so she can be impatient at times, but also can be very patient if she wants to. She's pretty obssessed with dolls, she believes dolls have souls, but her personality is strongly mature. To describe her will take a book, she's limitless and her mind is open.

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