Hafizh Maulana Kandi Hasan

He is an excellent executive, he follows through things and manage things stay steady. He's very passionate on meeting new people in his life, it's a joy for him, so it's easy to like him. On the other side, he can be goofy and like to annoy his friends, he likes to be kidding a lot. But when it comes to work and responsibility, he's reliable, his communication skill is very helpful. One thing we like from him is that, he can understand other people's needs and have a good toleration with a helpful insight that's principled with a positive justice. His role has been our videographer, recording our fun moments and made it into a short music-video. He also do graphic designing, with our directions and his skills, he was developed, and his new skill is clean and neat. He works with his heart, and that's something we are proud of from him.

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